Vintage Inspired Fashion Trends for Fall

When it becomes cool, people need to change their clothing. The arrival of autumn brings us many choices of clothing of various colors. The vintage fashion for autumn will be introduced in the following part.

When the faded fashion began to rejuvenate, the vintage lover try to enrich their wardrobes. Many individuals are chasing true vintage clothing, but vintage clothing are faced with challenges. Price, condition and sizing will exert an negative effect on seeking vintage clothing. And true vintage clothing might becomes a artwork because the difficulty of finding them.

Every time the season changes, the themes reappear which related to the current season. The winter and fall are usually rainy or snowy, so the warm fabrics are preferred because of the frigid weather.

Vintage Inspired Fashion Trends for Fall – 1940s Pants

Vintage pants could provide us warmth because of their layer. They are the good choices in the cool days. To gain more warmth, people can wear tights apart from pant in the days that the temperature below zero.

Pants of the 1930s and 1940s have a natural waistline and wide trouser legs with ignoring the hips. The rise and width are various in different eras. 1930s witnessed extremely wide legs and a low rise. Till the 1940s, the rise was slightly higher than before and the width became shorter.

For fall winter fashion trends, 1940s was popular among women. To wear a loose blouse and tuck it into the pants can shape you like a beauty in 1940s. If you want to have more elements of 1940s style, a cropped cardigan, a cropped jacket for outerwear, brogue shoes or a scarf are recommended.


Vintage Inspired Fashion Trends for Fall – Plaids

Plaid has a fadeless charm and is often seen in fall or winter fashion. It refers to the Scottish highlanders’ clothing in history. George IV visited Edinburgh in 1820s and stimulated the passion for tartan. The beautiful appeal and comfort of the fabric attract people till today. Red color with plaid is a good choice. Besides, there are many other color combinations for people to choose.

If you want to dress in 1950s style, it is correc t to wear a plaid pencil skirt with a plain sweater  and a stylish swagger jacket. In addition, a full circle skirt can fully show the advantage of the plaid design.


Vintage Inspired Fashion Trends for Fall – 1970s Florals 

Big, bold 1970s florals are crucial in fall. Gucci is the leader of this style. The 1970s style was deeply influenced by the 1930s style. So you can dress up to a style of the early 1930s. To improve the feeling of 1970s, various textures and shades can be combined with a bold maxi dress.

floral dress

Vintage Inspired Fashion Trends for Fall – Jumpsuits

The jumpsuits of winter and fall are not the same as those of summer. The weight of jumpsuits may be light, while the jumpsuits of winter and autumn are thicker and heavier. The appearance of jumpsuits make the 1970s fashion survive. Also, they are suitable to create 1930s style. The wide legs of jumpsuits remind people of 1930s style. Beach pajamas were very prevalent among women.

Dungaree style of jumpsuit, which are usually sleeveless, were worn by women in 1940s. Inside the dungaree style of jumpsuit was the a blouse or sweater. This style is suitable for winter and autumn.If you want to get more warmth, it is a good try to choose a jacket or cardigan.Accessories can help enhancing your look. For instance, hair snoods is good for 1940s look. And a beret is wonderful for 1930s fashion.

vintage jumpsuit


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