Vintage Cocktail Dresses to Party

Many parties will be held on December. Vintage cocktail dresses are suitable for Holiday parties, dinner parties and New Year parties.
A new fashion appeared after World War 1. People usually prepared for a less formal occasion before dinner. The cocktail dress was popular among women. And the cocktail dress was less formal than the dress for the formal ball at that time. And it was easy for women to dance, drink and dine in a semi-formal occasion.
Let’s see changes of the cocktail dresses from the 1920s to the 1960s.
1920s Vintage Cocktail Dresses
During 1918 to 1924, the ankle-length dress was the first choice. The dresses which made of chiffon usually have ruffled hems and draped layers. Also, the sleek slip dress was prevalent.
The popularity of this style reached its peak in the mid 1920s. It was best to wear a pair of T- strap dancing shoes apart from a headband or other hair accessories. The excessive accessories would not be seen in this style. A long or short necklace, long gloves and a bunch of loose bracelets were enough to match the cocktail dress.
Nowadays, it is easy for us to dress up in the 1920s style. A beaded dress is a must. Besides, it is better to choose a pair of strappy shoes which has a similar color of dress or other accessories. A shinny headband can add the sense of 1920s style.
Vintage Cocktail Dresses
1930s Vintage Cocktail Dresses
1920s dresses were often sleeveless and short. By contrast, the 1930s dresses have short sleeves. Some leading women preferred a wide leg pant suit of a dress.
During summertime, long cocktail dresses with floral prints were popular. Sleeveless dresses could only be seen in formal balls and summer garden parties. Black, peach, pink, green and blue were the most favored. Women would wear darker jewel tones during wintertime.
A peach lace sleeveless gown with T strap peachy-gold heels was suitable for the 1930s look. Women in 1930s also loved gold and silver strappy heels to match with evening dresses.  Sparkling bracelets and earrings were also correct.
Vintage Cocktail Dresses
1940s Vintage Cocktail Dresses
World War 2 affected the society greatly, the difference between cocktail and evening was blurry. Full formal wear were replaced by the cocktail dress. Women preferred a nice A-line dress made of rayon, satin or velvet. Two piece suit dresses were their favorite choices. The style was clean and exquisite.
The shoulder pads was one of the features of 1940s dresses. There was shirring in the waist or in the bust. A cross-wrapped bodice was also not unusual in this style.
Women emphasized the accessories because of its effect of improving the sense of cocktail attire. They still wore gloves, but the gloves were less popular. A chunky necklace, earrings, brooch and hair ornament was the best accessories.
A slimming silhouette was loved by people, so the late 1940s witnessed the appearance of slimmer pencil shape skirt. The tighter dresses could help women shape more curves.
A black pencil dress with sheer top is recommended. In addition, it is good to choose a pair of black and white high heels.
Vintage Cocktail Dresses
1950s Vintage Cocktail Dresses
The 1940s style was still prevalent in the 1950s. The 1950s dresses were longer and had more materials. And another dresses, have no sleeves, were also chosen in cocktail parties. Women liked black, white, emerald blue or green and red. Also, big patterns were popular.
The cocktail dress reached its peak in the 1950s. Women paid more attention to dress and dressed more beautiful than the before decades. A little black dress could be seen in every woman’s wardrobe.
The 1950s style means you can wear no extra accessories. And the look is more modern and cleaner.
Vintage Cocktail Dresses
1960s Vintage Cocktail Dresses
The full skirts were shorter and had less volume. The fitted dresses were also shorter and less fitted.  The feature of 1960s style was the half jackets. Due to the sleeveless dresses, women often wore half jackets.
Bold and silver color became popular. Black was still preferred by most individuals. Pink and green were goof choices for those who loved bright colors. Fabrics were still abundant.
Flats were worn in the day, while the kitten heels or stiletto heels were chosen in the evening. Extra accessories were unnecessary.
Vintage Cocktail Dresses


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