1900’s Brides Fashion Look

1900brideThe wedding dress:
1. An s-shaped corset was commonly worn to draw in the stomach.
2. Frills were frequently found on the bodice to accentuate this look
3. Wide, puffy sleeves that were tapered to the forearm
4. High necklines frequently including collars
5. Long trains
6. Veiled hats

Why this look?
1. This look was popularized by Queen Victoria who is credited with starting the white wedding concept when she wore a white dress during her wedding to Prince Albert
2. White was more commonly worn by the more affluent with other brides choosing to wear colors such as azure,mauve or pale pink

The others:
1. The make-up look of this decade was to appear “un-made”
2. An arm sheath bouquet or Bemhardt bouquet was the most popular choice amongst 1900’s brides. The most commonly used flowers were white roses, orchids, lilies of the alley and orange blossoms
3. The hairstyle of choice was the “Gibson Girl” look with hair arranged on top of the head
4. Pale skin was seen as desirable with full eyebrows and rosy cheeks


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