The Story Behind Vintage & Retro Fashion

There are many ways to get a vintage style, whether its patterns or hair bands it is a classic look. And we see many celebrities in different vintage inspired outfits. This post will introduce you Retro & Vintage fashions from the 50s to the 80s.

The ideal body was defined by an hourglass figure, with voluptuous hips and small shoulders, and this was reflected in the fashion. With belts and corset underwear, this helped shape the body making the waist look inches smaller. Elegance was in fashion for women with icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe setting the trend.

50s fashion

The swinging sixties was a rebellious, seductive and fun time. John Lennon and The Beatles were at their creative peak. Dark, high, leather boots and patterned shirts, skirts and bandana’s were in as the hippie culture grew larger. Bright colors and expressive patterns are used at that period.

60s fashion

The seventies was a time of floresent flowers and the hippy culture. Like the 60s, patterns and the peace symbol were stylish in this time. Hot pants, bell bottoms, platform shoes and flared jeans were all born.

70s fashion

The 80s was a time of psychedelic patterns, big hair and disco fever, following on from the colorful times of the 70s with flared jeans and large Mohawks it only evolved to even bigger style.

80s fashion


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