The Clothing of British Man in 19th Century

men's clothing The occurrence of steamer brought Britain the industrial revolution. Various textile machinery, power loom are invented before or during this time. Since 1760s, the British textile industry turned handicraft stage into industrial stage.  The textile product price dropped quickly with the prosperity of commercial activities and almost unprotected overseas markets have been conquered. In 1834, Britain output 55600 yards of woven cotton, 76.5 million pounds of cotton yarn and 1.2 million pounds of cotton socks. All this has built up solid clothing foundation for each level of people. The garment industry starts around 1849, factory standard size gave consumer more choices of clothing instead of going to the tailor’s. The famous British brands started their business in nineteenth century, for example Burberry, Aquascutum, Alfred Dunhill and Sunspel. The textile welcomed its golden era at that time.

men's clothing

After 1840s, downtown male commonly wears in dark color in simply style. Majesty, masculine and purge bravery are standard British gentlemen temperament. Male people who work in the office or professionals generally wear black coat, trousers and white shirt. Grid or stripe cloth is not suitable for very serious occasion.

According to etiquette guide book that time, if a gentleman in summer London needs to intend an important event, for example ace jockey club or a local wedding, a complete set of suit is needed, double breasted tuxedo light color vest, silk hat, grey glove and dark grey tie. The double-breasted frockcoat is shaped as double-breasted, four/ six buttons, and the length over the knees, same color satin lapels. Fabric could be black silk sometimes with snowflake. This later became the traditional daytime suit in the nineteenth century. The coat and vest shall in black and trousers in grey steaks when in winter times. If a man wants to have a walk near river or lake,a pair of grey flannel trousers, a grey short coat or white canvas shall be the right choice.


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