The British Afternoon Tea

The United Kingdom is the most powerful and prosperous dynasty during 1837~1901, the Victorian Era, the culture and economic are flourishing and booming development. So the quality of life is enhanced gradually. Peoples were purchase the intrinsic value of art and more delicate life.

British Afternoon Tea

Nowadays, most people will eat some fruits, cakes or drink something during afternoon when they hungry, we called it afternoon tea. While actually the afternoon tea was spring up from The United Kingdom, and then spread to all the Europe countries and worldwide. It has become a classical food culture of Europe.

British afternoon tea origin from 1840, the brunch time much earlier, while supper always very late. One day afternoon, the duchess Bedford-Anna Maria feel little hungry, but the time of supper still have few hours. So she allay her hunger with some toast, butter and tea which prepared by housemaid. Since then, Anna Maria often invites some friend gathering together; enjoy delicious dessert and tea, talking and chatting. So afternoon tea became popular during the British gentry.

The traditional Victorian style afternoon tea have it’s own rule. Such as: the spoon should be placed in a 45 degree with the cup; the desserts in the pastry plate also need to follow the sequence, from bottom to top should be sandwich, traditional desserts scone, the cakes and fruit, the people should enjoy these in order. The table cloth mostly use lace embroidery handcraft which on behalf of the nobility of Victorian. The time of having afternoon tea is four o’clock during afternoon, which also called Low Tea. Gentleman usually wears swallow-tailed coat, the lady with magnificent long dress, the hostess wear formal victorian dresses and serve for guests, if the hostess can not available to serve more guests, the housemaid will serve the other guests with respectful.

English Afternoon Tea

With the fast development of world, the afternoon tea already simplify in recent years, while the traditional British afternoon tea still exist.


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