The Architecture In Victorian Ages

British Victorian refers to the time from 1825 to 1900. In this period of time, politics, economy, society has been developed rapidly. Among which, the most obvious phenomenon is the sharp increase for the rich middle class. After achieving the social status and wealth, they urgently want to present their achievement in changing living condition and indoor decoration. Therefore the Victorian style architecture was born.

The most direct manifestation in the architecture for Victorian ages that the revitalization for various architecture style. This has become a kind of tendency in that period of time. Gothic revival was first praised by British people. While newly-developed businessman, the capitalist class yearned for equal life as noble class. They often randomly choose several elements for different style such as renaissance, romance, Elizabeth or Italian styles.

We can also see several representative buildings.

Tower of London, it can be regarded as the first bridge from Thames Entrance (total 15 bridges in the Thames river). It is also the symbol for the door of London. Tower of London was built in 1886, and opened to the outside world in 30th July.1894. It is full of the elegance of Victorian times.


George square, laid out in 1781, surrounded by important buildings including on the east side the palatial Municipal Chambers, also known as the City Chambers, whose foundation stone was laid in 1883, almost same as the size of a football field. It can be considered as an outdoor Sculpture Museum, the sculpture for Queen Victoria, Robert Burn the poet. James Watt inventor of steam engine, Sir Walter Scott the local Scotland writer can be seen in the square.

George square

Palace of Westminster also called Houses of Parliament, location of high court of parliament. It is the representative master piece for Gothic renaissance. It was listed as the world cultural heritage in 1987.

Palace of Westminster



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